(via dr.martens)

(via dr.martens)

curved with doc martens

(credit to lovecatsanddiamonddogs)

i fall in love with doc martens. where else to go to find this temptation???

i want get back to my childhood and grab my sister’s and brother’s docmarten’s and wearing a pair of them right now cus surely they will fit my feet even the shoes is own by them 10 years past, then curving my body as the picture did.


the acid washed



yeah this 2009 this acid washed jeans will be booming again. i go mad of this stuff! eventually i have made the acid washed with my jacket and the result is not to bad but i want the prefect one to be mine. like now  i’m

credits to Love Lou Lou

credits to Love Lou Lou

hunting 2 acidwashed jeans wrapped my legs. this night i got an email from whowhatwear and showed the new erin wasson’s collection xRVCA! Grateful Acid Wash Vest ($200)

Wasson wanted to riff on the traditional vest, which she certainly accomplished with her acid wash version! “It’s my take on the three-piece suit,” she explains. “Instead of wearing a proper vest and a pair of pants, you can throw on the acid wash—just to throw in a weird element.” Personally, we appreciated its boldness and statement-making style: it’s Givenchy meets Judas Priest ( whowhawear). again and again i’m dying to see the acid washed vest which is worn by the model. oh gosh i hope it will be mine. but to alternative i would like  look  for the cheaper one as student budget yeah!



when desire comes and bothering me

1. black converse

2. purple  le piege Longchamp

3. new wallet, since my vintage kangaroo wallet already broke

4. replace for my baby blue havaianas

5. high waist skirt, i don’t know how i love this skirt

6. nike dunk, still don’t know which i want

7.  lava lamp

loves and hates


loves and hates? i have a weakness for shopping and i can’t resist for not seeing some kind of fresh thingy even just window shopping. and suddenly i just go out from the shop and bring one piece of shopping bag. i love fashion! and for sure i hate my messy cupboard because i always make them fall in to pieces on my floor for trying them with any other pieces i have.
One thing I like to do a lot however is spending an unhealthy amount of time reading fashion magazines, fashion blogs and thrifting haha..
Being a student and far from family and home i’m required to manage my life in here but then and then i still have uncontrol desire about these kind of things.
its like i woke up and switch on my bestfriend is my laptop and started searching and opening some website and address about fashion.

and here let’s share anything that can we bring in about taste and style, here.

hi! for today


i don’t know why i created many account for today and the past 2 weeks and lastly one month ago. hhmm.. its not many actually but a few account. especially for today, i created 3 accounts including this wordpress.

last one month i have my new account at so i have 2 email at yahoo. last past 2 weeks i created my new email at and today i have my second and third blog which at and this blog. the first one is at i did for my blog. another account i started to try polyvore for pouring out what i wanted since polyvore have all complete things for mix and match instead of my cupboard.

and all these will be againts my time besides my college time.