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(credit to lovecatsanddiamonddogs) i fall in love with doc martens. where else to go to find this temptation??? i want get back to my childhood and grab my sister’s and brother’s docmarten’s and wearing a pair of them right now cus surely they will fit my feet even the shoes is own by them 10 […]

the acid washed


yeah this 2009 this acid washed jeans will be booming again. i go mad of this stuff! eventually i have made the acid washed with my jacket and the result is not to bad but i want the prefect one to be mine. like now¬† i’m hunting 2 acidwashed jeans wrapped my legs. this night […]

loves and hates


loves and hates? i have a weakness for shopping and i can’t resist for not seeing some kind of fresh thingy even just window shopping. and suddenly i just go out from the shop and bring one piece of shopping bag. i love fashion! and for sure i hate my messy cupboard because i always […]

hi! for today


i don’t know why i created many account for today and the past 2 weeks and lastly one month ago. hhmm.. its not many actually but a few account. especially for today, i created 3 accounts including this wordpress. last one month i have my new account at so i have 2 email at […]